The Bill of Rights – An Enduring Document of Freedom

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The Bill of Rights

The founder of Koch Asset Management, Donald L. Koch has devoted his career to the financial services industry. Donald L. Koch has also earned a reputation as a noted philanthropist, whose charitable foundation acquaints students and adults with the richness and meaning of American history, particularly through its founding documents.

Authors and teachers Clark Beim-Esche and Howard Bay present regular public talks on the founding documents for the Koch Charitable Foundation. Their presentations emphasize the freedoms that the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights provide for all Americans.

The Bill of Rights, comprising the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, was ratified in 1791. James Madison served as the principal author, deeply informed by the arguments the planter and politician George Mason had put forth in his earlier Virginia Declaration of Rights. Madison drafted the amendments after he became convinced that the Constitution required specific delineations of rights that would safeguard the liberties of individual citizens.

The Bill of Rights includes the stirring words of the First Amendment, guaranteeing freedom of religion and the press, and the right to peaceful assembly. The Second Amendment notes the need for a well-regulated military force, and provides for the right to bear arms. Further amendments set out the right to be safe from unwarranted government intrusion and the right to a fair and public trial, among other freedoms.