Book on Presidential Homes Details Lesser-Known Histories


Calling on Presidents, Clark Beim-Esche pic

Calling on Presidents, Clark Beim-Esche

Donald L. Koch, founder and president of Koch Asset Management, brings extensive experience in the financial, academic, and government sectors to his work. Formerly a lecturer on macroeconomic issues at the University of North Florida, he has also served in executive roles with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. In addition, through the Koch Foundation, he has sponsored presentations by distinguished speakers on a range of public interest topics.

In one recent lecture hosted by the foundation in Saint Louis, Missouri, author Clark Beim-Esche delivered a presentation based on his book Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell. In the 2015 book, published by FastPencil, Beim-Esche relates his and his wife’s experiences during their learning tour of the homes of every United States chief executive.

Beim-Esche, a graduate of Northwestern University, has devoted four decades to teaching American history, literature, and culture to high school and college students, as well as to adults enrolled in continuing education courses. His presidential tour additionally included visits to presidential libraries and museums.

In the book, Beim-Esche focuses on the ways in which presidential residences offer stories about their occupants, and how they can reinforce images of the presidents as larger-than-life heroes comparable to those in classical mythology.