Partnerships of the Carver Bank in New York City

Carver Bank in New York City pic

Carver Bank in New York City

A Harvard Business School graduate, Donald L. Koch began his financial career as a senior security analyst at Connecticut Bank & Trust prior to serving as chief economist at Barnett Banks in Florida. Donald L. Koch is currently the president of Koch Asset Management, a St. Louis, Missouri-based financial firm that regularly holds shareholder positions in financial institutions, including Carver Bank in New York City.

Named after George Washington Carver and committed to serving African American communities with limited access to financial institutions, Carver Bank was founded in 1948. Currently the largest African American-owned bank in the United States, Carver Bank also partners with government agencies in New York City to meet the needs of local communities and customers. These partnerships include:

– The New York City Office of Financial Empowerment, to provide no-cost income tax preparation and bank accounts to individuals with low incomes
– The New York City Housing Authority, to support a program allowing residents to pay rent through Carver Bank at a lower cost than at other banks
– The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority, to serve as the lender for the Small Business Mentor Program, which provides business opportunities for minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses.