The Daycroft School Foundation Grants


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Daycroft School Foundation

Donald L. Koch is the president of Koch Asset Management and a recipient of the Distinguished Daycrofter Award, which was established in 2000 to recognize former students and faculty members of Daycroft schools for their contributions to the community. Upon receiving the award in 2007, Donald L. Koch made mention of how important he feels it is for students at Daycroft and Principia, which he attended when studying for his bachelor’s degree in economics, to make the most out of the opportunities afforded to them and to give back to their communities.

Daycroft itself aims to do this by offering grants to schools that provide education with the values of Christian Science at its core. School grants are rare in comparison to those provided to students who attend the six Christian Science camps in Canada and the United States, however, Daycroft has committed itself to helping the 14 schools all over the world that use the fundamentals of Christian Science at the core of their educational offerings.

Daycroft provides specific assistance to the children and grandchildren of Daycroft alumni students and faculty who attend Principia School, which is based in St Louis, Missouri.