Clark Beim-Esche’s Calling on the Presidents

Calling on Presidents, Clark Beim-Esche pic

Calling on Presidents, Clark Beim-Esche

Formerly the chief economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Donald L. Koch currently oversees Koch Asset Management and the Donald Koch Foundation. Through the foundation, which supports programs for young people that promote an understanding of US history, Donald L. Koch has sponsored presentations featuring such historians and authors as Clark Beim-Esche.

A longtime educator and lecturer, Clark Beim-Esche is the author of Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell. In the 474-page book, Beim-Esche takes the reader on a journey as he and his wife travel the United States visiting the homes of former presidents. In addition to stopping by several presidential homes, the couple travel to historic sites associated with every past American president.

As he visits the locations, Beim-Esche discusses the historical relevance of each and provides readers with a unique insight into the US presidency. Readers can follow along on trips to George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Virginia; Ulysses S. Grant’s childhood home in Georgetown, Ohio; and Ronald Reagan’s ranch outside of Santa Barbara, California. Other notable stops highlighted in the book include Lincoln’s birthplace in Hodgenville, Kentucky, and William Henry Harrison’s home in Vincennes, Indiana.