The NABE Certified Business Economist Program

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Certified Business Economist Program

The founder and CEO of Koch Asset Management, Donald L. Koch is active in several professional organizations, including the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). Donald L. Koch previously served as the associate editor of Business Economics, a publication affiliated with NABE.

NABE offers a wide range of resources to the economics community, including the Certified Business Economist (CBE) program. Available to NABE members working to advance their careers, the CBE program focuses on applied economics and data analysis in order to bridge the gap between academic and practical knowledge.

Candidates are required to have a four-year degree and a minimum of two years of practical work experience in economics or a related field to be accepted into the program. Candidates must then complete the coursework and pass a comprehensive exam to receive the CBE designation. Completion of no less than 30 hours of continuing education is required every two years for renewal.

NABE to Hold 58th Annual Meeting in Atlanta

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National Association for Business Economists

A finance professional for more than four decades, Donald L. Koch brings a wealth of expertise to the disciplines of finance and commercial banking. In addition to heading multiple institutions over the years, Donald L. Koch is a member of a number of professional associations, including the Jacksonville, Florida, branch of the National Association for Business Economists, of which he serves as the founder.

The National Association for Business Economists (NABE) was started in 1959 as a means to provide professionals with networking opportunities and guidance in leadership and economics in the business sector. The 58th NABE Annual Meeting will take place September 10-13, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Loews Atlanta Hotel in midtown. Exploring the theme, Global Businesses, Domestic Complexities: Navigating the World Economy, participants will examine the impact of the current world economy as it relates to a variety of themes. These themes include big data, data visualizations, demographics, immigration, productivity, structural economic change, the “GIG Economy,” neuroeconomics, and others.