Donald L. Koch Foundation Hosted Clark Beim-Esche Book Talk

Calling on Presidents, Clark Beim-Esche pic

Calling on Presidents, Clark Beim-Esche

Donald L. Koch serves as a professor of finance at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he primarily teaches courses in finance and commercial bank management to graduate students. The president of Koch Asset Management, he also leads the Donald L. Koch Foundation, which hosted a book talk and signing for Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell by Clark Beim-Esche in April 2016.

Calling on the Presidents provides in-depth examinations of the lives of several former US presidents, including ones left out of most intellectual discussions. The book reveals insights about presidents based on observations of their homes and explores how presidential houses tell stories and perpetuate myths.

Insights and observations come from Beim-Esche’s firsthand knowledge and experience, and a history of visiting the home of every past US president. An educator, scholar, and talented storyteller, Beim-Esche lectures nationally and internationally on a diverse array of topics, such as presidential homes, the fine arts, and the Declaration of Independence.


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