The Constitutional Convention and Bolstered Federal Powers

Constitutional Convention pic

Constitutional Convention

Donald L. Koch is a respected St. Louis financial services professional who heads Koch Asset Management and guides the Koch Charitable Foundation. Through this nonprofit organization, Donald L. Koch sponsors a range of educational events designed to provide students with a strong foundation in documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

One of the pivotal unifying events prior to the American War of Independence was the Constitutional Convention, which was held in Philadelphia for several months in 1787. The gathering of legislative leaders focused on bolstering the powers of the federal government, which were left vague and weak under the existing Articles of Confederation.

Hammered out with often contentious deliberation, the Constitution emerged as a document that provided expanded powers for the federal government in managing foreign affairs. With the legislative branch retaining treaty ratification and other powers, significant power was vested in the executive branch. This was a far cry from the weak powers of the presidency envisioned by the original framers of the Constitution.


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