Clark Beim-Esche – A Project Involving Visits to Presidents’ Homes

Calling on Presidents, Clark Beim-Esche pic

Calling on Presidents, Clark Beim-Esche

Donald L. Koch guides Koch Asset Management as president and oversees shareholder activities in the community-based banking sphere. As head of the Koch Charitable Foundation, Donald L. Koch has presented a number of well-attended presentations, including a St. Louis talk and book signing for Calling on Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell by author Clark Beim-Esche, who visited the residences of each past U.S. president to find out more about their roots and how this influenced their characters and leadership abilities.

An educator and scholar who is also known for his storytelling skills, Mr. Beim-Esche has established an international career as a lecturer on topics related to America’s founding institutions, such as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. He also has extensive knowledge in areas such as Mark Twain, film, and the fine arts.

For his travels to presidential homes, Mr. Beim-Esche was accompanied by his wife and visited noteworthy residences, from the Virginia estate of George Washington at Mount Vernon to the California ranch of Ronald Reagan near Santa Barbara.


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