What the University of North Florida’s STAR Program Offers Students

University of North Florida's STAR Program pic

University of North Florida’s STAR Program
Image: unf.edu

Before serving as president of Koch Asset Management, Donald L. Koch founded the Koch Foundation, which regularly sponsors distinguished guest speakers to give talks in colleges and high schools across the country. A graduate of Harvard University, Donald L. Koch is a former lecturer of money and banking at the University of North Florida (UNF).

UNF’s Skills to Achieve Results (STAR) Program is a career development program created specifically for the school’s business students. Believing that job seekers must stand out in today’s business environment, the STAR Program empowers students with the tools necessary to advance in their professions and improve their employability.

To earn the STAR Certificate, students should successfully complete all five STAR Program workshops. To enroll in the program, students register on UNF’s online job opportunity system, Osprey CareerLink. Upon registration, students can enroll for STAR workshops while taking advantage of the system’s professional opportunities.

The program is divided into five workshops. The first workshop, STAR 1, focuses on training students to highlight their transferable skills by crafting an impressive resume and a stellar cover letter. STAR 2 prepares students for the interview process, training them on interview styles, types, and how to conduct follow-ups. In STAR 3, students will submit their resumes and cover letters to the Career Management Center for critique and individual feedback. In STAR 4, students upload the critiqued resume to Osprey CareerLink. In STAR 5, students participate in practice interviews with representatives from the Jacksonville business community, who will later provide feedback on their performance.


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